Seeking Entry into New Worlds

SPD 1.1 Blog Post — VR Technology

As development in technology steadily advances, there is still an underlying excitement, a wish that people have had for decades; Virtual Reality. That is, people have dreamed of being able to enter alternate realities, different worlds, and experience the new and exciting. Many have tried and are still trying to make the perfect way to accomplish this, and many are happy with how things are now.

The Context — Competitive Industry Analysis:

Now, to get to the issue:

My proposed solution:

My solution may feel like a step down from the Neuro Linker, but with technology currently, it is hard to tell which will come to fruition first, or if they’ll appear in a similar timeframe, sister projects, so to speak. The positive of making these contacts, is they could also double as the vision correcting type as well as a miniature personal computer. The more I write about and theorize different solutions, the further away this possibility feels, but I do think my idea has some merit and opportunities. The journey from now to my product would probably go in the direction of continuing development for technology that can predict what a person is thinking, as such technology is very simple currently and can only predict vague things. From there, it would most likely go into headsets similar to what is being used currently to make things hands free, more brain controlled. Then it might go into smaller objects, maybe a watch or Neuro Link device, then into contacts.

My own journey:

Notable Interview Questions:

  • How often have you used VR?
  • What genre or different types of media do you use within VR?
  • What was your experience when using VR?
  • What do you like about VR?
  • What are some problems you’ve had with VR currently?
  • What have you personally tried as a solution for your problem?

The interviews were more insightful than I expected, as I wasn't expecting very elaborate answers. I learned a lot more about the technology behind VR from my interviewees than I had learned from the research I had done. I used the answers to start brainstorming on possible solutions to these problems as well, and although amateur looking, came upon the beginnings of some good ideas. I thought I would share. This site kind of stretched the image in a strange way but I think it still gets the point across.